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Rudy’s Courier was started by the late Rudy Campbell, with Janice Ryan taking over in 2020. Hear about our inspiring beginning and meet our team.

Our Story

Rudy Campbell started his career in the courier industry as a driver for Andy’s Courier Company in 2013. In 2018 Rudy Campbell moved from courier driver to business owner through the acquisition of Andy’s Courier company from the owner. He aptly renamed it “Rudy’s Courier Service” and transitioned the business from a sole proprietorship to incorporation in June 2018.

Since 2018

In 2020 Campbell was diagnosed with life threatening cancer and approached a family friend, Janice Ryan, to take over the business. He did this with the knowledge that the new owner would remain committed to the same level of dedication that helped Campbell build the business. In Campbell’s honour, Ryan kept the business name alive and named the company’s mascot, her Portuguese Water Dog, Rudi, after him.

On December 11, 2020, the world lost Rudy Campbell — a business owner with a great heart, a talented artist, a passionate rock & roll drummer, a free-spirited dreamer, and a friend to many.

His company’s success was made possible not just by his hard work but also by his dedication & commitment to great customer service. With all of the miles he’d drive and smiles he’d share, he never forgot a name or missed an opportunity to go the extra mile (literally) for his customers.

rudys courier hero iamge

“I want this business to go into the hands of someone who has the same level of heart, trustworthiness, and dedication to my customers as I have.”

Rudy wanted to be sure that his clients were well taken care of. In the spring of 2020, Rudy found contentment knowing that his good friend Janice Ryan was prepared to take the wheel. In October 2020, Rudy bid farewell to a company he had taken great pride in and wished his friend the very best of luck.

While some things about the company will change, Janice is committed to maintaining the same level of dedication & customer service that helped Rudy build the business to what it was. The core of her business model continues to reflect only the highest of standards and values envisioned by Rudy himself.

In honour of a dear friend and fellow service provider, Janice has kept the business name unchanged and the company’s new mascot, Rudi, was named after our legendary courier.

To borrow a line from the man himself, “Have I got a deal for you!”

rudys courier hero iamge

Meet the Owner and Mascot

rudys courier cargo van

Janice is originally from Bay Bulls and a proud Southern Shore girl! She migrated westward after meeting her partner in life and has called Deer Lake home since 2015.

Janice is very proud of her storied 20-year career in Newfoundland’s fishery sector as she’s worked in every aspect of the industry; from the plant, to the boats, to the boardroom. Most notable was working alongside fish harvesters in their communities with the FFAW/UNIFOR and on the international seafood stage with WWF-Canada.

Janice is no stranger to hard work; she found her sea legs at the age of 23 while working as a Fishery Observer aboard commercial fishing vessels from the inshore to the 200-mile limit.

Janice enjoys all the outdoor pursuits that western Newfoundland has to offer. In the summer, you can find her in a kayak on the Humber River. During the winter, she enjoys blazing trails on snow shoes and racing down Marble Mountain on skis!

Fun Fact: At the age of 25, Janice experienced the “Deadliest Catch Lifestyle” when she worked as a fishery observer based out of Dutch Harbour, Alaska in the King Crab fishery on the Bering Sea!

rudys courier original cargo van

Rudi our loveable Portuguese Water Dog named after the original owner Rudy Campbell.

Rudi is a working-class dog, so we put her to work immediately! Sometimes, she’s just interested in the treats and sleeps on the job… but she’s so cute we let it slide!

Rudi has a special “PET POLICY” – PET MEDS SHIP FREE!! Any pet medication from a veterinarian clinic in Corner Brook ship free when they are headed to an existing delivery location.

We have to take care of our furry companions because they take such good care of us!

rudys courier original cargo van

Meet the Team

Tim Dollimount

Logistics Coordinator

Tim is our rock star! Literally! Originally from Rocky Harbour, Tim moved to Ontario after high school where he gained experience in both cold storage and reefer management and warehouse logistics with Canadian Tire’s distribution centers in Southern Ontario. He moved back to Corner Brook to explore his musical talents and fulfill his passion making awesome music with his band Big Talk Sam. Rock star at night, logistics coordinator with Rudy’s Courier by day!

Oral Mews

Courier Driver

Oral Mews is a MUN graduate and Army vet with experience at the Canadian Tire Distribution Center in Brampton, Ontario, the largest facility of its kind east of Winnipeg. He worked with the logistics of delivering freight from coast to coast, ensuring that the right freight arrived at the right place at the right time. Upon returning to NL he worked as a Creative Director for an advertising agency, before moving west to be with his childhood sweetheart. Oral would like his friends to know that because he works for a Courier, he is not making curry all day.

Terri Decker

Courier Driver

Terri Decker is originally from Parsons Pond and upon high school graduation moved to Ontario in 1997 where she worked with Walmart Logistics for 21 years. Prior to embarking on her career with Walmart she navigated the highways of Southern Ontario as a courier driver for an International shipping company. Terri moved back home in 2019 to be closer to her family.
Fun fact: All the team was pleasantly surprised to learn Terri and Tim attended the same high school in Cow Head. GO MUSTANGS GO!!!!!