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  (709) 636-1643

Rudy’s Courier Services

We offer diverse and personalized services such as expedited shipping, “hot shot” service, and we will work with you to provide competitive and flexible shipping arrangements to meet all your courier needs.

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  • 3 daily scheduled runs between Deer Lake and Corner Brook, Monday to Friday.
  • Airport freight pick-up / drop-off.
  • Fully bonded and insured to handle confidential and sensitive parcels/freight.
  • Hot-shot expedited service.
  • On-demand delivery service.
  • Furniture pick-up/delivery for residential customers.

Company Highlights

3 Scheduled Runs Daily

  • We have 3 scheduled runs between Deer Lake and Corner Brook daily (Monday to Friday).
  • Departing Deer Lake Airport at 8:30 am for Corner Brook.
  • Depart Corner Brook at 10:15 am, 11:00 am and 3:30 pm.
  • Drop off freight and parcels to communities between Corner Brook and Deer Lake, including Steady Brook, Little Rapids, Pasadena, St. Jude’s.
  • Reidville and Cormack freight is dropped off at Irving Big Stop, TCH Deer Lake.


Do you have a time-sensitive delivery that just needs to get out the door?

Rudy’s Courier Service provides same-day shipping with a dedicated van and driver to deliver your freight exclusively. For a personalized delivery service that’s cost efficient, safe and guaranteed on-time delivery for your last-minute cargo.

We are a fully bonded & insured company, so you can rest easy knowing your cargo is in capable hands.

Please give us a call at 1-709-636-1643 and leave the rest to Rudy’s!


We are from here.

As a locally owned and operated company our team understands the distribution challenges businesses face moving freight within Newfoundland and Labrador.

We are blessed with a vast landscape that can often become a hurdle when you need your cargo fast and on time.

Snow, rain, sleet and sun are all in day’s work sometimes! We take extra precautions to ensure our drivers and your cargo arrive safely!

Rudy’s Courier Service is proud to support locally owned businesses and provide a needed service to our fellow community members.


  • Ford 250 Transit Van cargo weight capacity 4, 080 lbs
  • Chevy Express Cargo Van 3,260
  • Ford E 200 Cargo Van 3,530 lbs


Deer Lake, Corner Brook, Steady Brook, Little Rapids, Humber Village, Humber Valley Resort, Pasadena, Reidville and Cormack

Loyalty and Service

How to build loyalty:


  • We listen to our customers.
  • Our actions exemplify our solid values.
  • We go above and beyond to serve.
  • “Word of mouth” – our customers are our best cheerleaders!
  • Develop relationships that are built on trust.
  • Continuously learning and growing.